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3D file - Stealth model Falcon Front Plate


Allows the Stealth single rail to load easily, slider fed!


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Transform your existing Stealth model single rail slingshot.

This 3D file when printed, allows you to use your stealth model like a falcon slingshot. 

Pull the spring catch (not included, see relations on this item)
Slide the front plate towards the trigger
Easy load shot (much easier than loading AND pulling back)
Push the front plate to the front of the rail until it auto clicks into place
Aim & Fire


  • 3D File front plate (STL) only
  • 3D file front plate left grip plate (STL) only
  • 3D file front plate right grip plate (STL) only
Recommended print 100% infill.

This file is copyrighted, any attempt to print more than one set of prints is not allowed. You expressly agree on purchasing these files not to resell the 3D file(s) associated with this purchase or print more than one each of the 3D models of the STL file(s) for sale.
  • Availability: 10 In Stock
  • Model: 3DSTLV1
  • Brand: Slingshot Rifles UK